Save $$$ By Hiring Your Own Kitchen Designer

 Save $$ By Hiring Your Own Kitchen Designer

Many of you may be wondering why you should employ an independent kitchen designer when your local joinery or kitchen showroom advertises a ‘free’ design service. There are several reasons why employing your own personal designer will save you $$ and achieve a better result. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.


1. When visiting a kitchen showroom it is important to remember that the consultant you are speaking with is first and foremost a salesperson. They have targets to achieve and probably a commission-based salary. The more money you spend, the more the salesperson earns. If you find yourself deciding between 2 different finishes (both of which may suit your needs) the salesperson will be very persuasive when it comes to convincing you that the more expensive finish is better suited to you.

In contrast, your independent kitchen designer has already negotiated a set price with you to design your kitchen and makes no financial gain whichever finish you choose.

They will instead provide you with a realistic summary of the benefits and disadvantages of each material and help you to select the finish that genuinely suits your needs. This honest advice and the ensuing savings will usually more than pay for the cost of engaging your own independent kitchen designer.


2. The showroom salesperson has an obligation to meet company requirements and is trying to create a compromise to please both you and their employer. Perhaps they get a pay rise at the end of the quarter if they increase their sales average, or maybe they have gone into an agreement with a supplier to promote that supplier’s colour range, or they’ve accidentally ordered far too much of a particular product and are promoting it to every customer… There are endless reasons why the showroom salesperson may make compromises to your design to achieve a request made by their employer.

Meanwhile, when it comes to your design, your independent kitchen designer is uncompromising. They work for YOU. Every product they recommend, every design suggestion, every lay-out alteration is based on what will work best for you. Their entire job is to ensure that you love your kitchen and their reputation is staked on it.


3. The showroom salesperson may not be a qualified kitchen designer. Yep, that’s right. Anyone can ‘design’ and sell kitchens in a kitchen showroom. Chances are your showroom salesperson is just that – a salesperson. They may have a bit of creative flair, they’ve probably learned about some of the products that are available, but the majority of ‘designers’ in kitchen showrooms across Australia have no formal qualifications. The few that do have qualifications are often qualified Cabinetmakers rather than Designers, so the aesthetics of the design may be overlooked in favour of what is practical and easy to construct.

Engaging an independent kitchen designer ensures that you are working with someone who is both suitably qualified and experienced to give you genuine, unbiased advice.  This ensures that you can achieve a stunning result that not only exceeds your requirements but falls within your budget.


So what are you waiting for??  Save yourself a heap of $$$ and employ your own designer today!   


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