Gadget or Gimmick? The Best ( & Worst) Kitchen Storage Solutions

There are some incredible ideas out there when it comes to making the most of available space in your kitchen. Leading hardware manufacturers like Blum, Hettich, Hafele and Vauth-Sagel (just to mention a few) have teams of engineers and designers constantly striving to out-do one another and design the most innovative kitchen storage solutions.

The good news for consumers is that there are now endless hardware solutions for just about every storage conundrum you can think of. The problem with this is that not all great ideas are created equally!

Let me walk you through my thoughts on the best and worst Kitchen Storage Solutions.


Hettich Cosario

Innovative, functional, unique – Hettich’s Cosario unit has to be one of my favourite kitchen storage solutions of all time. You only need to listen to the chorus of “Oh wow” when this beauty is opened in the Hettich showroom to know that the Cosario is super cool. Barely noticeable when closed, but putting everything at your fingertips once opened, the Cosario storage unit is the perfect home for spices and any other compact, frequently used cooking items (Think measuring cups, stick blenders, tea & coffee…)

Cosario Kitchen Storage unit


Blum Space Tower

The Blum Space Tower (or basically any pantry with pull-out drawers) is the perfect option for your food storage. Tired of cleaning out the pantry to find 5 packets of out-of-date food you had forgotten about at the back? Not a problem, with the space tower it’s impossible to lose anything when you can bring the entire shelf (drawer)  out to you. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

Space Tower Kitchen Storage


Kesseböhmer Le Mans II

My favourite corner cabinet solution is the Le Mans II. Granted there are some fancier looking gadgets for your corner cupboard, but when it comes to affordability and function, the Le Mans II is definitely the way to go. Designed to suit blind corner cabinets, meaning no need for those bi-fold corner doors that always end up looking crooked, the Le Mans II brings all of the contents from the deep, dark corner out into full view. Too easy! And the shelves operate independently of one another for even easier access to the items stored.

 Lemans Kitchen Storage


Blum Space Corner

Every time someone tells me that they want ‘those corner drawers’ in their kitchen I cringe. Don’t get me wrong – on the surface they’re a good idea and I can definitely see the appeal. But let’s dig a little deeper. The ‘Space Corner’ actually doesn’t save any space. In fact it wastes just as much space as if you simply decided to block the corner space off as a void. And probably even more, because let’s face it, what can you really fit into a drawer that shape anyway?! **shakes head** Also, these babies are expensive. I can list a lot of other things you would be better off spending your money on.

Blum spacecorner Kitchen StorageSpacecorner kitchen storage diagram

Kicker Drawers

A favourite item on design blogs and making regular rounds on Pinterest is the kicker drawer. My sister raised these with me the other week and I had to try really hard not to roll my eyes… To understand my disdain for kicker drawers lets first take a look at one of the main reasons why your kitchen has a kicker (or otherwise known as kickrail, plinth, baseboard). The kicker is the levelling element of your kitchen. 95% of the time your kitchen floor won’t be completely level, so to make sure that your benchtop ends up level the kicker is adjusted to suit. In older homes especially there may be as much as 20mm fall in the floor. Trying to fit a drawer into a space that is not ‘square’ simply doesn’t work.

If you are building a new home and want to incorporate kicker drawers there is every chance it can be done. Houses on concrete slabs tend to have fairly level floor and if the kicker drawers are part of the design brief a good kitchen designer and joiner will make them work for you. But I can pretty much guarantee that you’re not going to like them. In order for the drawers to open freely there needs to be a gap between the drawer face and the floor. Every single time you vacuum or sweep your kitchen the crumbs are going to get pushed into this gap and it will drive you crazy…

Check out kicker drawers in action here.


So there you have my Best & Worst Kitchen Storage Solutions. If you would like an honest appraisal, based on years of customer feedback, for any other kitchen storage solution drop me a line!


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