Personalising Interiors With Art

Personalising Interiors With Art

In my experience there are usually 2 types of people when it comes to artwork in the home. There are those who look at art as simply another item to style their space, who will choose an artwork purely because the colours tie in with the rest of their scheme. Then there are those who choose art for art’s sake. Because they love it, because an image captured their imagination or transported them to a moment in time, a memory, a fantasy… I definitely fall into the latter category. If I see I piece that I love I’m going to buy it, and then I’m going to figure out where it fits.

I personally find it a little heartbreaking that in today’s age artwork has been reduced to little more than an accessory to be discarded for a newer item when the next Pantone colour of the year is announced. So in a bid to inspire you all to dare to be different and personalise your space with art, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite examples of art in interiors.

Think Big!

Interior Art

KBDI 2015 VIC Small Bathroom Design Winner – Sam Robinson Interior Design

This stunning bathroom was the winner of the KBDI Victorian Small Bathroom of the Year award for 2015, and it’s easy to see why. The incredible stand-out image of the Brooklyn Bridge is not featured by coincidence. The owners of this bathroom had spent many years living in New York and the Brooklyn Bridge held a special spot in their hearts. The photograph was actually taken by the owners, then designer Sam Robinson had it printed on to glass to feature in the bathroom. What a bold, beautiful way to personalise the space.

Think Cushions!

Interior Art

Cushions can be art too!

Photo by Twinkle and Whistle

In this gorgeous minimalist interior the cushions provide the point of interest. We all love to have cushions and throw rugs but not many of us think of them as a potential to display art and really personalise a space. Well, it’s about time that changed. There are some incredible cushions around so stop looking for the perfect colour and instead look for something that really sings to you. A cushion with personality is a great conversation starter! If you haven’t already, check out Society6 for some of the most amazing artworks that are also available on cushions. The one below is my current favourite, although be warned, you can easily spend hours just browsing these designs!

Interior Art

Society6 ‘Fly Away’ by Rachel Caldwell


Interior Art

Some more cushions full of personality

 Think Photos!

Interior Art

A photography print adds interest above the bed

Photo by Habachy Designs

Interior Art

Turn your family favourites into art

Photo by Kerrie L. Kelly

Looking for a photography piece to display? Don’t go out and buy one, look through your holiday snaps and get an expert to digitally enhance your favourite. Print it on canvas or metal and put it on display and I guarantee you will smile every time you see it.

For an easier project your favourite family photos are a great way to personalise a space. Avoid looking daggy by displaying them in a collage interspersed with your favourite mementos like holiday postcards and small artworks.

Dream on!

Interior Art

Custom art wall panels

I absolutely LOVE this amazing bathroom with artwork by Alex Turco. Now most of us can’t afford to commission a custom art wall panel for our shower wall, or any other wall for that matter, but if I could – I would definitely love to have this. I remember visiting the aquarium at the Berlin Zoo and being absolutely mystified by the beauty and elegance of these incredible, luminous jellyfish. I watched them for what seemed like an age… Looking at this incredible piece of art brings back that feeling of wonder. That’s what you want when you choose an artwork for your home. Not something that is pretty & colour coordinated, but something that transports you to another place.

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