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When it comes to Interiors it’s all about fashion and trends, everyone wants to have the look that is ‘in’. Therefore it goes without saying when working with clients on colour selections for new homes that they will choose finishes that reflect the current design trends. This will usually result in several consecutive homes that follow a similar internal theme.

What is surprising to me lately is that not only have my clients been identifying a similar style that they like, but they have almost all been selecting the exact same laminate colour. So, hats off to Laminex for hitting the nail on the head with Sublime Teak laminate. In honour of the great success & popularity of this timber grain laminate I’ve put together a few images to show you what it is all about! You’ll soon see why this colour has proven to be so popular!

Sublime Teak Laminex

Reno Rumble – Josh & Jenna’s Kitchen

Most of you probably remember seeing this kitchen by Josh & Jenna on Reno Rumble. Laminex Sublime Teak is paired with Caesar Stone ‘Fresh Concrete’ and white joinery for a beautiful, modern look that is still sympathetic to the era of the home.


Carlisle Homes Laminex Sublime Teak

Carlisle Homes

This beautiful kitchen by Carlisle Homes combines Laminex Sublime Teak with White and Grey. An incredibly popular combination, the Sublime Teak provides the warmth necessary to prevent the white and grey combination from feeling cold and sterile.


My Place - Providence Estate laminex

Lauren Steadman Homes

Another beautiful example of Sublime Teak, White & Greys.



Sublime Teak Laminex

Reno Rumble – Leanne & Dane

And again Reno Rumble features Laminex Sublime Teak to the open shelves to give this simple, Scandi inspired kitchen a lift.



Southern River Laminex

Red Lily Renovations

It doesn’t end with kitchens. Sublime Teak has also proven to be incredibly popular with laundries and vanity units, as demonstrated so beautifully here by Red Lily Renovations.


Next post we’ll take a look at some of the other fantastic (and somewhat under-utilised) alternatives to achieve a striking modern look with timber grain laminates.



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