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Good Looking Timber Grains

Timber Grain Ravine Oak

Good Looking Timber Grains

Last week we looked at Laminex’s stunning Sublime Teak timber grain laminate. This week I wanted to feature a couple of other similar, equally stunning timber grain laminates that I expect will also be very popular this year.

Starting with…

Timber Grain Ravine OakPolytec Ravine Natural Oak 

Featuring soft, warm colours but a relatively dramatic grain, Polytec’s Natural Oak is a great modern timber grain that pairs perfectly with white for a contemporary look.



Timber Grain Maison OakPolytec Ravine Maison Oak 

Sticking with Polytec we also have Maison Oak. A touch darker but with the same striking linear grain as the Natural Oak, this is another addition to the Polytec range that is sure to be a winner.



Timber Grain Laminex Honey ElmLaminex Honey Elm

A new addittion to the Laminex range this year, and available in a range of surface finishes, I predict that Laminex’s Honey Elm will grow to be equally as popular as Sublime Teak.



Laminex Rural Oak Timber GrainLaminex Rural Oak

Bringing a modern edge to a rustic grain pattern it’s Laminex Rural Oak.



Polytec Sepia Oak Timber GrainPolytec Ravine Sepia Oak

Proving that it’s not only blonde timber grains that look good, Polytec’s Sepia Oak makes a great feature in this kitchen enhanced by the horizontal grain direction.



Timber Grain Tessuto Milan MattPolytec Matt Tessuto Milan 

For a more subtle look Polytec’s Tessuto Milan is paired with a warm, mid-toned splashback for a look that is modern and elegant without being too overbearing.



Timber Grain Laminex Seductive LimbaLaminex Seductive Limba

From subtle to in-your-face, Laminex’s Seductive Limba is an oldie but a goodie. When utilised with clever restraint this dramatic timber grain laminate is a real feature. But beware – sometimes less is definitely more!



Top Tips for working with a Timber Grain Laminate:

1) If you are choosing a timber grain laminate because you can’t afford natural timber – don’t! A timber grain laminate will never look or feel like real timber. The grain is too uniform, and in most instances is not designed to actually look like real timber. If you want real timber you will only ever be disappointed with a timber grain laminate.

2) Consider the grain direction. This is often overlooked, but you can completely change the look of a timber grain laminate by choosing to run the grain horizontally rather than vertically.

3) Be wary of combining timber grain laminates with natural timber. If you have timber flooring it can be a good idea to separate the two by only using timber grain laminate on your overhead cabinets.


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