Look Up!

If you’re looking for that little something to give your kitchen the extra edge it may pay to look up! Often overlooked and under utilised in modern homes; the ceiling is a perfect opportunity to further the impact of your kitchen.

Maybe you’re looking for more definition of space in an open plan area, or trying to find an opportunity to include an additional colour or finish that you love.

Check out the images below for some examples of how you can use your ceiling to further enhance your kitchen. (or any other room, for that matter!)

All images from the Caesar Stone gallery

look up Osprey Caesarstone

Sublime Cabinet Design – Caesarstone ‘Osprey’


Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo Look Up

Impala Kitchens Drummoyne – Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo


Caesarstone Statuario Maximus Look Up

Wisdom Homes – Caesarstone Statuario Maximus


Caesarstone Statuario Maximus Look Up

Caesarstone Statuario Maximus


Caesarstone Ivory Look up

Metricon Homes Australia – Caesarstone Ivory


Caesarstone Emperadoro Look up

Rawson Homes – Caesarstone Emperadoro




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