I’m Rebecca, but to who everyone who knows me I am just ‘Bec’.

I am a 30-something year old self employed Interior Designer based in Ballarat, Australia.

I live in an adorable 1930’s weatherboard cottage with my partner, Brendan, and our two dogs. I always tell my clients that I’m jealous of their beautiful, big new homes (and I am!), but even though our house is really too small for us, I just can’t imagine moving anywhere else. We love it so much! And the jealously subsides every time that Iremember I can vacuum my whole house using just one powerpoint! Haha.

I am passionate about design, but my focus is on providing my clients with spaces that are not only beautiful but also affordable and practical. I think too much of high end design is based purely in aesthetics. As an artist I can appreciate the beauty in this, but as an every day person juggling work and life I need more from design than just good looks. I want design that makes my life easier, design that is low maintenance, design that will stand the test of time.puppers And most importantly I still want some money left over at the end of the day to indulge in my other passions (travel, real estate…shopping!).

I started my business, The Interior Difference, after many discussions with friends and colleagues. The recurring theme in these discussions was that Interior Designers are only for ‘rich’ people, or that we’re all ‘snobby’. And after being part of many members associations and groups I must say that I can see where this idea comes from. Most designers do cater to the upper end of the market, but you can’t blame them, that’s where the most money is to be made. But it’s not for me! I work for the mainstream and I love it. I’m not ‘snobby’ or high end and pretending that I am is just plain tiring. I understand real life and I enjoy the challenges of combining style with practicality and a real budget. I work with builders, renovators, DIYer’s – people just like you.

I share my thoughts on this blog from time to time, and welcome your feedback at any time. Enjoy taking a look around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.