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No Need to Visualise with 3D Render

3D Render

No Need to Visualise with 3D Render


One of the most nerve wracking experiences when building or renovating is trying to imagine from those tiny plans and elevations what everything is actually going to look like. Especially the important areas; the kitchen & bathrooms. Your head will be filled with questions and panicky thoughts; What if you don’t like the finished product? Have you chosen the right colour for that splashback tile?  Or the benchtop? What if you just can’t make a decision on the colours?

Here’s a better question:

What if someone could show you your brand new kitchen or bathroom before it has even been built?

And the answer?

The Interior Difference can.

There is no need to visualise with our cost effective, fully customised 3D renders. For just $195* you can see your design go from this:

3D Render


to THIS:


3D Render


What You Get

The Interior Difference 3D Render Package provides you with 3D renderings of your kitchen (OR bathroom / laundry) that are fully customised to your layout and colour scheme, to assist you in making your colour selections and ensure that you will be happy with the end result before committing.

For renovators you might be deciding on joinery colours alone, but for new home builders you may be considering different flooring options in addition to the joinery, wall tiles, paint colours etc. These decisions can be overwhelming, particularly if you are having trouble imaging how it will all come together.

To take the stress out of these decisions you can elect two different colour schemes as part of your 3D Render Package, and you will receive two view points of each colour scheme (a total of 4 images, supplied as jpeg files). We’re confident that you will find the decisions so much easier when you can see how it will actually look.



What We Need

In order to produce these renderings we need a little bit of information from you first.

  1. Plan / Elevations of the space: These can be hand drawn or a copy of your Builder or Joiner’s plan. We can work off limited / basic drawings however please bear in mind that the more information you provide the more accurately your 3D render will reflect the space.
  2. Information about finishes: We will want to know about the floor, walls, cupboards, benchtops, splashbacks, tapware, appliances etc. Again the more information you are able to provide the more accurate your renderings will be. We will need to know brands / suppliers of finishes wherever possible.
  3. Payment: Once we have all of the information required to create your 3D render we will send an invoice confirming the total cost. Your renderings will be forwarded within 7 working days of payment being received.


3D Render

How To Get Started?

Simply send us an email at: with your plans & finishes. We’ll let you know if there are any additional details we need from you to get your 3D render underway, confirm the price and provide an invoice so that we can get the ball rolling.


*The Fine Print

A standard 3D Render Package is $195 inc. GST and provides you with a total of 4 images of a room of your choice. The 4 images are made up of 2 view points of 2 different colour schemes. Images will be supplied in digital format as jpeg files.

An additional charge may be incurred for rooms with particularly large or ornate finishes. If applicable you will be notified prior to work commencing & will not be committed to proceed.

Additional colour schemes or view points can be purchased for $30 each, at the time of ordering the package or up to 90 days after receiving your initial 3D render.

Discounts are available for a full house package consisting of renderings for: kitchen, bathroom, ensuite & laundry. For a quote please submit your plans to:

Disclaimer: Your 3D render will reflect the colour scheme as accurately as possible however please be aware that colour accuracy will be impacted by the lighting within the actual space (both natural and artificial) and also your monitor / printer resolution. The images supplied are intended as a visualisation tool only. Colours & finishes will be illustrated with the swatches available from the manufacturer where possible. Items such as appliances, bathroom fittings, accessories, tapware, etc. will be illustrated with the closest match available. If no details are provided regarding these items they will be illustrated with generic representations.

3D Render



5 Simple Steps to a New Bathroom!

5 Simple Steps to a New Bathroom!

I had a query early this week from a customer who remarked that there are hundreds of one-stop shops if you want a new kitchen, but next to nothing if you want a new bathroom. Having never needed a one-stop bathroom shop myself I hadn’t really noticed this, but after doing some research, I found she is right. There is definitely a shortage in Ballarat of one-stop bathroom shops.

Despite this, renovating your bathroom needn’t be a hassle if you follow these 5 simple steps to get you started.

bathroom contemporary houzz

Step 1: Decide on a Budget

An average bathroom renovation is going to set you back between $10-$20K, and even more if you want to include the latest and greatest designer fixtures. Before you start planning the design it’s really important that you have a budget in mind as your budget will guide the design. I suggest that you have an ‘ideal’ budget and also a ‘maximum’ that you can afford to spend. If your ideal and maximum budget are one and the same thing, I would save a little longer before getting started. It’s always good to have some contingency money when renovating an existing bathroom – it’s not unusual to find some water damage or quirky plumbing when the original bathroom is stripped out.

Step 2: Work out a Design

You might not think this is a simple step, but with the right help it can be. If you are unsure of the design of your new bathroom layout or simply wondering if there is a better option than just putting everything back into the same spot it came out of, your best bet is to talk to a designer. You can find a designer by searching online and checking with KBDI (Kitchen and Bathroom Design Institute), or your local plumbing supply store will probably be able to refer you to someone.

Before speaking to a designer, or drawing up your own design, put together a list of the 5 things that you dislike most about your current bathroom and the 5 things that you really want to achieve / include in your new bathroom. This will ensure that you don’t forget to mention anything important in your design consultation. It’s also a good idea if you are planning on removing any walls as part of the renovation to have a builder come by and confirm that the wall is not load bearing before you plan the design.

Bathroom Dulux williamstown contemporary bathroom metro

Step 3: Find a Builder

Whilst there aren’t many ‘one-stop’ bathroom shops around, there are plenty of builders who will project manage your bathroom renovation for you. You can simply hand over your bathroom design and the builder will give you a quote to co-ordinate everything that needs to happen from gutting the existing bathroom to plumbing, tiling and painting. There is quite a lot of work involved in project managing the renovation so it is really important that you choose a builder you trust, to ensure that the job is completed on time and to a high standard. Don’t rely purely on referrals, make sure that you ask the builder for examples of their recent work and contact details of previous clients who are willing to provide testimony. There are a lot of cowboys out there!

Step 4: Finalize Selections

This is the fun part! Your builder will need you to have all of your fittings ordered and ready to go so that there are no delays once the job gets started. Make sure that you have selected and ordered all of the components for your bathroom including the little things like toilet roll holders and towel rails, and chosen everything right down to the colour of the walls. You don’t want to be deciding anything under pressure whilst the builder waits on the other end of the phone line. Bear in mind that some things like decorative cornice or architraves may need to be special ordered and could take several weeks to arrive. If you are worried about organising all of your selections speak to your designer from Step 2 – they will be able to assist.

bathroom cool gray contemporary bathroom houzz

Step 5: Let’s Go!!

You’ve now got everything you need to get started. Simply hand over the plans and specifications to your builder and let it all happen!!


If you would like help with your bathroom design please contact Rebecca at The Interior Difference.